How to Choose Light for Cannabis Indoor Gardening?

Whether you call it weed, ganja, cannabis, marijuana, or simply a flower, the medical cannabis industry is now entering a very interesting stage. From being completely prohibited, thanks to the “War on Drugs”, the herb is slowly gaining acceptance all over the world. Most people use marijuana for recreational purposes because there’s nothing better than toking a bowl after a hard day, but there are others who completely depend on the plant to cure their illnesses.

What makes marijuana special is that it’s easy to grow it at home. If you’re an experienced gardener, then it shouldn’t take a lot of time to understand how to manage the growth; however, you don’t have to worry even if you aren’t blessed with a green thumb. To reiterate again, growing cannabis is easy if you have all the equipment necessary, and when talking about equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is the lighting.

To grow cannabis indoors, the most important element is the lighting because the grow lights serve as food for the plants. Basically, you can grow with any type of light including CFLs, LEDs, Induction, HPS/HID and MH lights but your output will depend on the light you choose.

CFL Lights:

CFLs are good only for closets and you can’t expect to harvest anything impressive if you depend only on them. Cannabis plants need a lot more light during their reproductive or flowering stage when compared to the growth/vegetative stage. Therefore, it’s important to choose lights that are powerful yet economical.


While HPS lights are indeed powerful, it’s not easy to maintain them since the lights need to be changed frequently. Also, there’s a small problem with the power consumption. HPS lights can dig a deep hole in your pocket, and as cannabis plants require light for at least 18 hours at a stretch, your electricity bills can shoot up. You’ll also need to purchase additional fans to keep the temperature of the grow room optimal because HPS lights emit a lot of heat.


LED Grow lights were expensive when they were released on the market, but thanks to constant development by the manufacturers, it’s now affordable. In fact, LEDs are as cheap as HPS lights, but the best part is that the lights last for at least a decade! You don’t have to worry about changing the lights because LEDs are developed in a way where they can withstand constant use for long periods of time.

Another advantage of using LEDs is that the power consumption is very less in comparison to other types of lighting. Not only do you not have to worry about your bills, but you don’t have to purchase additional fans as well. Since most LEDs are equipped with powerful internal fans to reduce the temperature of the Grow room, you can rest assured that your plants will never die due to heat.

Of course, LEDs are super powerful, so you’ll have to hang the plants from a distance of at least 18-22” inches to prevent leaf burn. The LED chips are intense and you can damage your eyes if you stare at them for a long time. Don’t forget to purchase a pair of goggles to prevent any mishaps.

It’s also easy to set up the equipment, and since most lights are now available with features that allow you to adjust the spectrum, you can save more power during the vegetative stages of the light and thereby save more money.

If you decide to grow cannabis at home, go for the BEST LED Grow lights as it’s important that your plants get everything they need. Whether you grow in a grow tent or room, lighting is the most important factor and if you choose to ignore that, you’ll not only regret it but also waste money in the long run.

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