Natural Ways To Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels

The human growth hormone plays a pivotal role in body composition, cellular maintenance, and growth. It helps build muscle mass in your body by stimulating skeletal muscle cells. This great chemical messenger in your body protects vital organs and enables recovery from diseases and injuries. Some of the benefits of HGH include:

· Stronger Bones

· Fat reduction and lean muscles

· Protection of organs from aging or related depreciation

· Enhanced nail and hair growth

· Optimal functioning of circulatory system

· Low cholesterol levels

Low levels of the hormone can lead to aging symptoms like low bone density, less muscle mass, low stamina and reduced muscle mass. It may also lead to obesity at low levels putting you at a risk of heart disease and other health-related issues. Your HGH levels are highly influenced by diet and lifestyle including your level of physical activity. It is important to keep a check on HGH levels in your body to promote hormonal balance. Here are a few natural ways you can boost human growth hormone.

Lose Excess Body Fat

HGH is essentially a fat killer, so the amount of fat you store in the body is directly linked to the optimum HGH levels in the blood. Obese people tend to have impaired HGH secretion, as higher fat levels in the body especially those with abdominal fat suppress the production. According to researchers, people having three times more abdominal fat produce less than half the amount of growth hormone compared to lean individuals and the sign is more dominant in men. Take steps to reduce excess fat and build lean muscles in order to improve your health and consequently your HGH levels.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting helps release beneficial hormones in the body including the human growth hormone. This dietary pattern usually involves food abstinence for short time periods followed by regular eating. One approach to fasting is 8-hours eating schedule followed by a 16-hour fast. This is a highly effective approach to boosting HGH levels naturally, as it promotes fat loss that in turn influences the release of HGH in the body. It also helps keep insulin levels low as you fast to optimize HGH levels. High concentrations of insulin in the body can hamper HGH production. This dietary pattern is known to spike HGH levels by almost 300% within three days of fasting.

Eat Hormone Balancing Foods

Your food intake has a big impact on the production of HGH and a great way to naturally boost growth hormone is by eating foods that promote hormonal balance. These include organic and natural foods like whey protein, eggs, grass-fed beef, seafood, raw chocolate, leafy greens, fava seeds, raspberries, yogurt extracted from organic sources, and parmesan cheese. On the other hand, avoid eating sugary foods, processed foods high in fats including alcohol and too much coffee or tea or buy hgh online shop.

High Intensity Training

A highly productive approach to elevate HGH levels is regular exercise and high intensity training. Exercise helps release hormones like cortisol, testosterone, insulin and human growth hormone, as their production is naturally influenced by physical activity. HGH levels produced in the body are dependent on the intensity and frequency of physical exertion. High intensity training with deadlifts, push-ups, lunges, and pull-ups give a great boost to your HGH concentrations in the bloodstream. Other effective workout routines include cycling sprint, swimming, and rowing sprint intervals six or more times with a minute’s rest between each sprint.

Proper Sleep

Sleep is essential for the different physiological functions of your body and it has a strong effect on HGH levels as well. Most of the growth hormones in your body are released during slow-wave sleep cycle that includes stage 3 and stage 4 of the sleep. Compared to light and heavier sleep stages, this sleep cycle helps release most of the HGH. It is therefore important that you get a proper 8-hour sleep to optimize growth hormone production. The quality of sleep is also vital, as it is directly linked to the efficiency of HGH secretion, so ensure that you sleep well in order to enhance the potential of HGH production.

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