What is HGH?

Located at the base of the brain, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland. It is responsible for proper growth and functioning of your body. For starters, the intake of growth hormone gives a feeling of freshness and healthiness. A good news for all the gym enthusiasts is that this hormone has a magical quality of decreasing the unwanted fats and increasing lean mass in the body.

Uses and Effects

When injected in larger doses, HGH stimulates weight loss and increase muscle strength. In contrast, a small dose is commonly used for general health recovery and helps in anti-aging. Children and adults, both can take HGH, however, the results largely depend on the right amount of intake HGH for sale store.


1-     It greatly perks up your physical ability in terms of exercise performance by stimulating collagen synthesis into the muscles, hence enhancing the athletic performance.

2-     In case of a bone fracture, it greatly helps stimulate the metabolism of bone while speeding up the regeneration process. In addition to that, HGH has proved to be significantly beneficial in the healing of wounds and injuries.

3-     The response of growth hormone is limited for overweight people. However, once you have successfully reached your ideal weight, its responsiveness gets better.

4-     It is a fact that the HGH and collagen levels in your body consistently decrease with age making your skin saggy and loose. But worry not, experts claim HGH when taken in right quantity could increase the natural process of your body producing these hormones. Also, the use of HGH could significantly help reverse the effects of bodily deterioration caused by aging. By boosting these levels, you will feel like you are back in your twenties!

5-     It significantly helps in decreasing risks associated with cardiovascular disease. So if you are an adult deficient in growth hormone, a proper intake of GH could lead to better quality of life with increased life expectancy.

In addition to aforesaid, intake of GH helps in restoration of hair growth and color, better immune system, normalized blood sugar levels, increased overall energy, quality of sleep, better vision and memory. HGH is also used for children with impeded growth and development, and for men athletes interested in better physical performance. According to a research at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research, men who received testosterone injections in addition to growth hormone supplementation experienced two times increase in sprint capacity.

Side Effects

On the flip side, increased intake of such supplements could enhance the chances of diabetes. You may experience temporary swelling due to the extra fluid within the tissues of your body, pain in joints or a slight numbness and prickling of the skin. Among the more serious cons are high cholesterol levels, and in very limited and rare cases, the growth of cancerous tumors.


In order minimize the risks and get the most out of HGH, it is imperative to consult your gym trainer or speak to your doctor before you consider its intake.

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